Freehold Cottage Residential Home 24-hour care

A residential home for up to six adults with mental health conditions

Our home is set in the hillsides of Shawforth, Rochdale. A dedicated team of staff provide 24-hour individualised care and support to up to six adults with mental health conditions, including those exacerbated by drugs.

You’ll love our beautiful detached house. Residents can enjoy modern facilities in a calm, relaxing environment, with their own large, private room, and can sit in the vibrant garden, walk to nearby Bacup and Whitworth, or catch a quick bus to Rochdale Town Centre.

We’re dedicated to treating the people who live here with:

  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Independence
  • Choices
  • Rights
  • Fulfilment

This allows them to participate in the home, the local community and the wider world as much as possible.

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Freehold Cottage is a member of North East Lancs. Care Homes Association and the N.S.F.

The home is insured with Ecclesiastical Insurance. A Public Liability Certificate is displayed on the office wall.

Our Principles of Care

  • Each resident is valued as a full citizen, with rights and responsibilities.
  • Residents have as much control and responsibility for their own lives as possible.
  • Residents must have access to privacy, security and confidentiality.
  • First consideration is given to respecting residents’ wishes and needs.
  • Individual care and support, with regular reviews and updates, is genuinely negotiated with each resident.
  • Residents’ views are taken into account in determining the operational development of the home.
  • Community facilities are used whenever possible, and the residents’ special needs are catered for.
  • Residents are to have the opportunity to join in everyday life in the area.