Eligibility / Referrals Eligiblity for Freehold Cottage

You’re eligible to live at Freehold Cottage if you are:

  • Aged over 19 years old
  • Living with mental health issues, including those exacerbated by drugs
  • And you have a Community Psychiatric Nurse, social worker, probation officer, care coordinator or are receiving similar assistance.

We’d love to discuss eligibility with you. Find out about how Freehold Cottage offers a top-quality service you can rely on – visit our contact us page to find out more.


Click to download referral forms (Microsoft Word .docx files) and forward completed forms to us at freeholdcottage@gmail.com

  • Self Referral Form: Use this form if you want to refer yourself for help and support at Freehold Cottage Residential Home. We’d love to hear from you; please be as honest as possible. This form will help us to understand whether Freehold Cottage is the right service for you, or if there’s somewhere else you’d be better suited.

  • Agency Form: – Use this form if you are acting on behalf of an agency and would like to refer someone you work with to Freehold Cottage Residential Home. Please provide as much information as possible in the form, as we will use your responses to determine if our residential home is the appropriate place, and if we and the referral will be a good fit for each other.